Posted to Instagram 5/21/2020

LOVE: Does it change the world?
Phew! I'm back, I think...I had quite a bit of false starts. It's been an emotional roller coaster ride these last few months. I was so sad, so anxious, so afraid. Things were changing big time. We were losing people we loved dearly. We were trying to make things normal as possible for our families. Trying to navigate what all this meant to my budding small business. ALL of it heavy stuff. I felt like I couldn't get my head above water.
We clung to family Zoom meetings.
We laughed, we cried, we prayed , we talked about sooo many conspiracy theories 👀...
In the end it came down to LOVE. Loving each other! Finding new ways to express it. LOVING me by allowing myself the grace to "SIT" in all these feelings..to LIVE them.

Am I back to normal? NORMAL is NOW! Normal is not a constant, it's forever changing and morphing!
Am I LOVE? Now that's constant- and yes, yes I AM.

LOVE: Does it change the world?
YES, it does! It changes mine everyday!